William Henry

Senior Consulting Software Engineer @ Red Hat

William has over 25 years experience developing distributed applications and systems and service oriented architectures for both government and private industry. William's roles include, engineering, professional services, partner alliances, several management and director roles, and he has owned and sold his own company. William joined Red Hat in the office of the CTO, in 2008, focusing on emerging technologies and currently works on emerging container, and container security strategy. He has contributed to Project Atomic, Buildah and Docker.

talkDockerless container builds with Buildah

Would you like to have an alternative to Docker for building container images? In the last couple of years there have been major innovations in Linux container technologies. The Open Container Initiative (OCI) has been a catalyst for many of these innovations. The Buildah project builds on the underlying OCI standard for container images. Building on the open source containers/image and containers/storage projects, Buildah provides a simple CLI for building OCI compliant images and it does not require Docker including the Docker daemon. In this session you will learn how Buildah can help simplify your container build pipeline. Buildah can build from existing container images, from existing Dockerfiles, or simply from scratch. This session includes a demonstration of how you can successfully use Buildah.

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