Scott Coulton

Principal Software Engineer @ Puppet

Scott Coulton is a Principal software engineer and Docker captain with 10 years of experience in the managed services and hosting space. He has extensive experience in architecture and rolling out systems and network solutions for national and multinational companies with a wide variety of technologies, including AWS, Puppet, Docker, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, and Linux. His design strengths are in cloud computing, automation, and the security space.

talkBuilding a Kubernetes distro the easy way

In a world where all you want to run is containers and Kubernetes will be your abstraction point to infrastructure. What is the bare minimum you need to Kubernetes? How can you cut the operational overhead of the OS? In this talk, we will build a Kubernetes distro live from scratch !!! That will work locally or in the cloud and look at how you can run Kubernetes in a leaner, more secure OS with less operational overhead. We will walk through the journey and learnings we experienced and show you how to build the image with Docker as the runtime and then with cri containerd talking about the pros and cons of both approaches.

workshopDocker Orchestration

Deployment and orchestration at scale. Docker Captain Scott Coulton walks you through taking an application from development to production with Docker. You’ll run a sample app on a single node with Compose and add scaling and load balancing before provisioning a cluster of Docker nodes and deploying the application on that cluster. Scott also demonstrates how to perform Ops tasks and explores options for high availability.

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