Wei Chen

Senior Software Engineer @ ARM

Wei is a Senior Software Engineer at ARM in the Enterprise Software Ecosystem. The focus of his work is virtualization and containers. He was responsible for the unikernel project on KVM/ARM.

talkThe second revolution of Unikernels: Unikraft

In the last few years, several open source projects had started to use Unikernels to create faster, more secure and scalable applications for cloud. For example: MirageOS, HalVM, ClickOS, Rump kernels, OSv etc. Developing applications for all these projects was not easy though. One had to re-write almost all the existing applications for Unikernels. This process was time consuming and prone to introducing mistakes. Late last year, NEC Laboratories Europe introduced a new project called Unikraft. This project's goal was to unleash the power of Unikernels. It had designed a totally new development model to reduce the effort of converting existed applications to Unikernels. This project has two basic components: Library pools and a build tool. With these two components, we can recompile applications for Unikernels instead of rewriting them. So, this project can be regarded at the second revolution of Unikernels. Since this project was announced, we have been actively working with the community to get involved in this project. In this presentation we will share some knowledge of Unikraft, including: 1) The concept and architecture of Unikraft 2) The categories of Library pools 3) The Unikraft build tool working principle 4) How to contribute to this project

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