Oliver Beattie

Head of Engineering @ Monzo Bank

Oliver Beattie is Head of Engineering at Monzo, leading the development of the distributed systems to power a new kind of bank. He previously worked on Hailo's global micro-services platform.

talkLessons from Production Incidents at Monzo Bank

Monzo is as much a technology company as it is a bank. As well as the extreme resilience and security requirements that come with handling peoples’ money, being a startup necessarily means Monzo must be able to move fast. The platform that meets this challenge comprises hundreds of micro-services running as thousands of containers under Kubernetes, communicating using a service mesh. Operating and scaling this infrastructure for nearly 2 years has taught us many important lessons the hard way. This talk will dive into several production incidents that Monzo has experienced, their causes and effects, and the architectural and operational lessons we learned from them.

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