Tsvi Korren

Chief Solutions Architect @ Aqua Security

Tsvi Korren, CISSP, has been an IT security professional for more than 20 years. In previous positions at DEC and CA Inc., he consulted with customers across various industries, helping them define and optimize the processes and organizational aspects of their information security. His vision is to make security programs successful, spanning networking, identity, access, hosts and cloud, by engaging cooperation among organizational resources. Tsvi is currently the Chief Solutions Architect at Aqua, where he leads the effort of enabling organizations to use containers and improve their security through DevSecOps.

talkContainer Security Panel

talkSecurity Considerations for Containers as a Service (CaaS) and Serverless Architectures

While many organizations are still in the early stages of deploying containers in production, the technology continues to evolve. Recent introductions such as AWS Fargate, Microsoft ACI and serverless approaches like AWS Lambda are now reaching the market, bringing both an opportunity for more flexible deployment and a need for updated security models. This session will provide an overview of these architectures, key considerations when choosing which solution is best for a given application, and the unique challenges they present in protecting microservices built on these emerging platforms.

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