Andrew Martin

Co-founder @ Control Plane

Andrew has a strong test-first engineering ethos gained architecting and deploying high-traffic web applications. Proficient in systems development, testing, and maintenance, he is comfortable profiling and securing every tier of a bare metal or cloud native application, and has battle-hardened experience delivering containerised solutions to enterprise clients. He is a co-founder at

talkThe ‘S’ in ‘IoT’ stands for ‘Security

IoT security isn't rocket science, but a race to market has left a proliferation of insecure, unpatchable devices strewn across the internet. Well-established software delivery and security best practices are routinely ignored, and a series of laughable breaches has left users and governments scrabbling for better solutions. Recent advances in IoT-friendly hardware have expanded the options available to manufacturers, and paved the road to lightweight containerisation of connected devices.This talk will discuss the current state of the art in consumer and industrial IoT device security, examine some recent vulnerabilities, breaches, and attacks, and explore how to use containers to secure devices from current and future threats

talkContainer Security Panel

workshopAdvanced Kubernetes Production Debugging

In this workshop you will be presented with various broken Kubernetes cluster scenarios as well as application failure scenarios. You will be split into teams of varying levels of experience and compete over who can resolve the production outage first. It will be an entertaining and frenetic experience designed to give you the kind of experience you only get when production goes down! Emphasis is on collaboration and communication, which are key to getting through any outage as a team. Previous experience with Kubernetes is required.

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workshopSecuring Docker Containers and Deployments

Docker provides a number of container security extensions that can appear esoteric and confusing to a new user. This workshop will demonstrate why containers are insecure and work with vulnerable containers to secure them against various forms of attack and privilege escalation. Attendees will work through hardening, intrusion detection, and CI continuous security measures to lock down containers at all stages of their lifecycle. It finishes with a comprehensive summary of container native security tooling and a comparison with existing tools.

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