Ian Lewis

Developer Advocate @ Google

Ian has had various developer and operations roles throughout his career and enjoys working in environments with diverse ways of thinking. Ian has been living in Tokyo since 2006 and is currently a Developer Advocate on the Google Cloud Platform team. He is passionate about DevOps, SRE, Python, Go, and container orchestration. When he's not writing controllers and operators in Go, he He runs the Kubernetes Meetup in Tokyo and blogs about Kubernetes and containers at www.ianlewis.org.

talkKubernetes Security Best Practices

Kubernetes has become the de-facto orchestration tool but it has some pitfalls to keep in mind with regard to security. How can we make containers more secure? How do we apply existing tools to our containers? How can we apply policy to containers so they only have access to what they need and nothing more? In this talk attendees will learn about specific security risks and see tools like PodSecurityPolicy, SELinux/AppArmor, and seccomp in action to mitigate those risks. Then we’ll go up the stack and learn how to apply network policy to containers and further improve security.

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