Luke Bond

Co-founder @ Control Plane

Luke is a co-founder of Control Plane (, a security-focused Kubernetes consultancy based in London. Luke has recently finished a project at the UK Home Office delivering critical national infrastructure on Kubernetes, and has previously worked as a developer and consultant, helping teams deliver software faster and with increased confidence by embracing container technologies and workflows.

workshopAdvanced Kubernetes Production Debugging

In this workshop you will be presented with various broken Kubernetes cluster scenarios as well as application failure scenarios. You will be split into teams of varying levels of experience and compete over who can resolve the production outage first. It will be an entertaining and frenetic experience designed to give you the kind of experience you only get when production goes down! Emphasis is on collaboration and communication, which are key to getting through any outage as a team. Previous experience with Kubernetes is required.

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workshopIntroduction to Kubernetes

In this workshop we'll take you from zero to Kubernetes literacy, covering: container basics; what is Kubernetes?; kubectl basics; deployment; configuration and secrets management, and an overview of the tooling and cloud provider ecosystem. Exposure to containers is preferred, but no previous Kubernetes experience is required.

Conference add-on: Register ($199)

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