Craig Box

Cloud Native Advocacy Lead @ Google

Craig leads the Cloud Native advocacy team for Google Cloud. He presents the stories of our platforms to users, collects feedback on rough edges, and then works with the engineers until they are smoothed! Craig started his career as a systems administrator, and has worked in development, deployment, DevOps, consulting, advisory and management roles.

talkIstio 1.0: time for production!

Istio 1.0 (has/will have) been released, so it's safe to move from "looking at it" to "putting it into production". Craig will talk about the history of the Istio project, the use cases at Google which inspired it, and the actual customer problems it is solving today, which you can apply to your business.

workshopHello Istio: securing your microservices app

Come along and learn Istio from the authors and experts.In this workshop you will deploy a sample microservices app on Kubernetes, and extend it with security, visibility and policy by deploying various features from Istio.

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