Mitch Beaumont

Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services

Mitch is a Solutions Architect, based in Sydney, Australia. Mitch’s career spans 17 years. During which time he has held a number of technology roles across a wide range of industries. Mitch considers himself a “ContaiNerd” at heart, and works with AWS customers across Australia and New Zealand to help them weave container technologies in to their application development strategies.Outside of work Mitch enjoys spending time with his family and surfing.

talkDeep dive on the AWS CNI Plug-in for Kubernetes

AWS recently introduced AWS Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), it also open-sourced a new CNI plug-in that enables pods within EKS to use VPC networking fabric. This greatly simplifies the network connectivity within a Kubernetes cluster. The CNI is the primary plugin that is used to power Amazon EKS, and is being developed in collaboration with the community. This talk will share the implementation details of the CNI plug-in, and will discuss how the plug-in has been integrated with Calico to achieve micro-segmentation between pods running inside a cluster using Kubernetes network policy.

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