Sarah Young

Security Architect @ Versent

Sarah is a security architect currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She has previously worked in New Zealand, the UK and Europe across a range of industry sectors. Sarah comes from an infrastructure engineering background and deployed enterprise-grade WAN, LAN and VoIP solutions before moving into the security space and providing independent security consulting to a range of businesses and organisations. In her current role at Versent, Sarah helps enterprises move into the cloud securely, design their secure pipeline and adopt automated security processes.

talkContainer Security Panel

talkDon’t be a fail whale: secure your containers

Containers are great technology, but they have specific security threats that need to be considered when implementing and running them. In this talk, Sarah gives an overview of how to threat model for containers, the major threats to your containerised environment and some of the tools that you can use to counter them, and not be a fail whale.

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