Prateek Nayak

Senior Devops Engineer @ MYOB

Prateek Nayak is a Principal Developer at MYOB’s Platform Engineering Group with primary focus on helping MYOB build a Managed Infrastructure Solution for Internal Delivery teams. Prateek has a good understanding and operational knowledge of container orchestration, scheduling, and management technologies like AWS ECS and Kubernetes using container runtimes like Docker. Prateek is also one of the co-organisers for the Melbourne Kubernetes Meetup where he is actively trying to build a healthy community around Cloud Native Solutions.

talkLessons learnt while operating multi-tenant kubernetes cluster in production.

At MYOB, as part of the Platform Enablement group we operate a multi-tenant kubernetes cluster in production. Our cluster come with sane, sensible defaults around monitoring, logging alert built out of the box for delivery teams meaning our devs can focus on delivering customer value. We have learnt quite a few lessons on our kubernetes journey mainly through investigation and sometimes through production incidents. We have also crafted some interesting patterns around using RBAC, Namespaces, Network Policies and Quotas to create the perfect isolation / separation for our delivery teams where they can co-exist on the same cluster without impacting each other. I would love share some of our learning and patterns with the wider community.

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