Angus Lees

Senior Developer @ Bitnami

Angus has done many things with computers, all of it revolving around Linux and Free Software. While working on OpenStack, Angus accidentally became one of the earlier upstream Kubernetes contributors. He currently works full time on Kubernetes and related tools as a Senior developer with Bitnami.

talkkubecfg - express the patterns in your declarative Kubernetes config

Declarative configuration goes by several names (desired state, gitops, etc), and is a subtle but important shift in process that leads to more predictable and lower risk changes. Kubernetes is built around these principles, but most users encounter it as a ""wall of YAML"" that is difficult to use in practice. This talk introduces the ""kubecfg"" tool from the ksonnet project, heavily inspired by a similar Google internal tool. kubecfg uses the powerful ""jsonnet"" language to pull out the repeated patterns inherent in your Kubernetes deployment and make your real configuration clear again. The talk will cover how to integrate it into your CI/CD change pipeline, and typical patterns for team-managing large production clusters.

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