Joe Gardiner

Solutions Architect @ Portworx

Joe Gardiner is the EMEA Technical Solutions Lead at Portworx. He has a wide breadth of experience in the containerisation and DevOps space having previously worked for organisations such as Docker, Chef, and Rackspace. He helps businesses solve their data persistence problems for the next wave of containerisation - big data and data services. Joe has worked across sectors including finance and government to help businesses adopt new technologies.

workshopRunning databases in Kubernetes

Containers and Kubernetes are now the standard for handling applications and compute workloads. However, it is not clear how to containerise and operate databases. As more applications are migrated into containers and schedulers such as Kubernetes, handling state and persistent data is becoming an increasingly challenging problem. Join Joe Gardiner for a hands-on lab based workshop introducing the fundamentals of Portworx and how it can offer enterprise storage capabilities for database workloads in Kubernetes.

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