Neil Peterson

Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft

Neil Peterson is a datacenter and cloud enthusiast. With 15 years' experience in large datacenter deployment, management and maintenance operations, Neil now works as a Senior content engineer delivering technical documentation and samples with focus on Azure and Containers.

talkConsuming cloud services with the Kubernetes Service Catalog

In a cloud native world, managed services such as database, storage, and event processing systems can be utilized by applications without the overhead of total service ownership. Kubernetes provides an extension mechanism for dynamically requesting and consuming managed services through the Kubernetes Service Catalog API. Using the service catalog, you can deploy applications into your Kubernetes cluster that are configured to dynamically requests and connect to managed services. In this talk, I will discuss in detail the different components of the Kubernetes service catalog. I'll will demonstrate integrating the service catalog with different cloud providers, and utilizing the provider services in you Kubernetes deployments. By the end of the talk, we will have configured the service catalog and deployed an application into our cluster that dynamically requests and uses a managed cloud service.

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