Andrew Martin

Co-founder @ Control Plane

Andrew has a strong test-first engineering ethos gained architecting and deploying high-traffic web applications. Proficient in systems development, testing, and maintenance, he is comfortable profiling and securing every tier of a bare metal or cloud native application, and has battle-hardened experience delivering containerised solutions to enterprise clients. He is a co-founder at

workshopBullet-Proof Kubernetes Clusters: Learn by Hacking

Learn how to attack, exploit, and hack Kubernetes clusters and application workloads. In this workshop attendees are divided into teams, given a crash-course in Kubernetes cluster security, and then set loose on a series of vulnerable clusters in a competitive and collaborative capture the flag. Full methods, solutions, and vulnerabilities are revealed, along with actionable mitigation steps to enhance a cluster’s security and lock down common misconfigurations. It is an entertaining and frenetic experience designed to develop the kind of expertise only realised in production environments. Emphasis is placed on collaboration and communication, which are key to unlocking some of the advanced flags. Previous experience with Kubernetes is required.

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panelAsk The Experts: State of Container Security (Panel)

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