Ashley Ward

Solution Architect @ Twistlock

Ashley Ward is a Solution Architect for Twistlock. He helps customers implement a container platform securely and with confidence. He brings 15+ years of experience to bear making full use of his experience in Unix operations for a utilities company, infrastructure architecture for a media company and taking a financial services company into public cloud and containers. A firm believer that developers deliver business value and should be empowered and supported by operational principles. He likes the idea of sailing but never seems to make time to do that anymore.

panelAsk The Experts: State of Container Security (Panel)

talkUnsure to Secure: How to Deploy + Scale Kubernetes Securely

As you scale your use of containers, Kubernetes provides a simple centralized way to manage and orchestrate your containerized applications. But it also brings with it a new set of security challenges specific to the orchestration layer. In this talk, we'll outline the key steps necessary to get Kubernetes up and running securely - so you can deploy applications at scale with confidence.

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