Luke Addison

Solutions Engineer @ Jetstack

Luke is a Linux and Kubernetes systems engineer with a keen interest in understanding how technologies work from the ground up. He joined Jetstack almost a year ago as a Solutions Engineer and has spent that time training and advising customers on how to get the most out of Kubernetes at scale, as well as contributing to the open source ecosystem.

workshopAdvanced Kubernetes Wargaming

At Jetstack, we have seen massive adoption of Kubernetes since its inception and with services like GKE it is now easier than ever to spin up a cluster. However, this is "Day 0" and operators need to contend with "Day 1" and beyond in their support of production services. This workshop will divide participants into teams, each with their own Kubernetes cluster running their mission critical service. Each cluster will then be subject to a number of real-world failure scenarios causing disruption of this service and teams will battle it out to see who can fix the issue fastest!

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