Claudia Beresford

Software Engineer @ Pivotal

Claudia is a Software Engineer at Pivotal. She has worked on various bits of CloudFoundry since 2015, and is now part of CF's container runtime team.

talkThe Route To Rootless Containers

Rootless containers are a new and exciting development in the container community, offering the ability to create and manage containers as a completely unprivileged, non-root user. During this presentation, Claudia will share her team's learnings from the journey to adopting rootless containers in production for a large multi-tenant PaaS (Cloud Foundry). The talk contains a technical overview of rootless containers - what they are, how they work and how to enable them in runC as well as a discussion of the limitations of rootless containers and how we overcame those limitations. If you’re interested in using rootless containers in production, this talk is for you!

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